Friday, July 17, 2020

Taken To My Bed

Whenever life gets to be too much for me to deal with, I take to my bed.

Bed is my refuge.

I pile up about 10 pillows behind me so that bed is cloud-like and then I just float there, hiding from life existing in my bed until whatever is happening that is overwhelming me...passes.
Or the meds kick in.  Whichever comes first.  Ha ha.


Depending upon what is happening, 'I've taken to my bed' usually means that I take to my bed for a few hours or a few days until I no longer feel the great need to escape from reality.
I haven't had to take to my bed in a surprisingly long time;
however, the past month has been so surreal and tumultuous that I definitely have spent more time in bed than out of bed. (Thanks, C-PTSD)

Make no mistake, though...I am (mostly) not just laying in bed staring off into space or crying watching reruns or eating bags of Skinnypop. On the contrary, I'm often tucked in there all propped up reading about Harry and Megan still thinking about being semi-productive and how much I wish I was working away on my laptop in between the tiny catnaps that I can eke out during a lull in the construction renovation noise happening in the apartment above us directly above my head.

The renovations above my head being a significant part of why I've recently taken to my bed.  I will tell the renovations story at a later date but so as to not leave you hanging, suffice it to say that, unbeknownst to us, big renovations had been planned for the apartment above us before we even moved in. This information would have played a role in our decision to take this apartment but we didn't have/weren't given this information at the time so we took it ("the apartment upstairs isn't ready yet" is what we were told). For example, had we been told when we came to view the apartment that "at some point during your tenancy we are going to be renovating the apartment above you for an extended period of time of perhaps two months or so resulting in almost daily very loud construction noises that will very much interfere with your ability to live/work/sleep here peacefully", we probably would have elected to not live here.

I know.  The audacity of us to want pay a bunch of money each month and expect that in return we would get to live here peacefully.  What nerve we have.

And this is just part of the story that I will tell at a later date.

i don't have 4 young children but if i did this would be them

But let's face it, when life circumstances send you to your bed too much or too often, it is definitely time to reconsider things and make changes that are within your power to do so.

So we are doing that. One day at a time.

It's getting to be time to get out of bed and put away the Skinnypop.

However! If you find that you yourself would rather be in your bed instead of most any other place, then go there and stay there until you sort yourself out enough to deal or function or regain the capacity to make decisions.

This is where I go wrong, often.
I have been known to make really bad decisions. For example, like not asking a prospective landlord if there is any chance that they will be doing extensive renovations to the apartment above the one you are interested in at the time you are viewing the apartment you're interested in.
I kid...mostly. I mean, what are the chances that a landlord would have major renovations planned that would happen above your head and not tell you about them?


Take it from me. You really should ask questions like that. Maybe pose it as something general, like "are you planning on any kind of non-essential, non-emergency work in the building in the foreseeable future that will significantly impact our ability to live here peacefully and quietly?"
Maybe get the answer in writing, too.

But let's get back to bed and making bad decisions.

Bed is a haven. Bed is your own private island (Idaho?). I do my best thinking in bed because bed feels safe even when you're waiting for some construction guy to fall through the ceiling because they are jackhammering right above you.

If you have decisions to make whether they be big ones or small ones, go to bed and lay there and do nothing. The decisions you come up with from there will probably be better ones but if it turns out that they're not, at least you'll be a little bit better rested.

I'm thinking about dropping the Poor Girl Mercantile name soon, I think.

It's no longer resonating with me. It's not fully capturing the essence of everything I do.
I know...I'm not doing much right now so I'll have to wait it out because "Lady In Bed" is probably not a good business name.

What the real new name will be is up in the air right now. I've got some good ones that I already own the domains for but I have to let them simmer for awhile until I mull them over for a good long time -in an environment in which I am not listening to drilling, sanding, banging happening above my head for hours on a regular basis - to make sure that the one I choose is right.

The naming of your business is a huge thing. I operate as a sole proprietorship so thankfully it's just changing the DBA (doing business as), which then allows me to do that whenever I'm compelled to.

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