Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Not Always Uplifty (Especially A Year Into A Pandemic) & That's OK

Hello all.
I hope today finds you as happy as you can muster during these uncertain times
Do you hate that term as much as I do? I'm sorry. I don't know why I used it. I won't do that again. šŸ˜•

Recently I have been stuck in a mildly depressive funk* and I wrote about it in a previous post. I received a comment from someone in response to that post in which the person wrote 'thanks for being so uplifting' with what I deduced might have been an itsy bit of sarcasm, and accompanied by the statement being punctuated with abundance of exclamation marks (!!!!!!!) which can sometimes come across as being shouted particularly when more than one is used.


Ha ha, I'm having fun with it although I am hoping that the commenter wasn't really yelling at me because there's nothing I can do to change about being in a funk and not being very uplifty right now. 

See, I write from my real life.
Sometimes in my real life the things I write about might be happy, funny, weird, sardonic, sad, ridiculous, depressing, self-deprecating, etc. 
Am I uplifting and encouraging at times? Yes.
All the time? No. I'm an actual person with various moods, emotions, etc. 
Am I filled with a bunch of nonsense? Regularly. I use humor in all aspects of my life because
(a) what's better than laughing?, and
(b) humor is a fantastic coping tool when sh*t gets real (see resources below and image above).

I do not subscribe to the idea of constant positivity because it's unrealistic, unsustainable, and also unrelatable, which may be the most important 'un' of the three. 
I will not tell you to turn your frown upside down or make lemonade from lemons or any other sugar-coated hype that causes eye rolls and that mostly has no basis in actual living. Anything banal or trite sends me running and screaming in the opposite direction and I avoid any such thing like the...well, like the plague, current or otherwise.
We are a year into a pandemic; I think at this point even the Live Laugh Love and Dance Like No One's Watching crowd are throwing their stenciled signs away.

I do subscribe, fervently, to being authentic, which is sometimes uplifting, sometimes not...sometimes a bunch of nonsense and sometimes more serious. Being multi-dimensional, this usually changes frequently. I was using the hashtag #uplift for awhile not too long ago in an attempt to keep my own head above water and maybe other people, too, and sometimes the use of it worked as a reminder, sometimes it didn't.
I am still painting ornaments and giving them away for free by leaving them in public places for people to find; an activity that is off-the-charts uplifting for me and hopefully for whoever finds one of the ornaments.

Bad days, like good ones, happen. I write about those.
Depression happens. The latest statistic I read (this week) is that 48% of households in the United States have at least one family member who has needed mental health assistance in the past year.  
48% is a really big number. 
That really needs to be written about and talked about and aired out in the open so that anyone dealing with it or affected by it knows they're not alone. Uplifting? Probably not. But maybe some thing I write or you write or someone else writes will help some people or one person, so that makes it 100% worth writing about.
Maybe that one person is your own self. The benefits of writing a blog are well-documented and mostly it does not matter one bit if anyone else reads it but your own self. 
However, maybe reading something that makes even one other person who is not you say okay, phew, I'm not alone is worth everything.

Wonderful things also happen and I write about those, too. Most times, though - like it says at the very top of this page - I just write about stuff that I want to write about. Some of it or none of it might resonate with you. I can't try to figure out what things to write about that every single person will like because it's an impossible goal unless I just post pictures of puppies and kittens.

But even if I did that there still could be someone out there who would leave a comment about how much they dislike cute animals or things that are warm and fuzzy.

This blog is not Instagram or Facebook. I do not present to you just the pretty things. Just some life stuff, opinion and insightful stuff, fun/ny stuff, from a real live human plodding through day by day, just like you. 

Final words: if you need to vent or rage or yell at me (but maybe with just one exclamation mark?), by all means do so (I might delete the comment, though, because I'm trying to keep this space free of as much outside negative energy as I can). What everyone should be trying to do right now is give each other some leeway or even a pass. 
I see you and I know you're probably going through some stuff during these uncert ...
at least some of the time. 

I don't Zoom but if you really need a shoulder right now, mine is available -  via comments or email ♥

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