Friday, June 4, 2021

The Herbary at Bear Creek Farm

As I said in a previous post, we stayed local during JP's vacation which was just fine by me especially since it turned out to be oppressively hot and depressingly sunny that week. As someone afflicted with Summer SAD* and photosensitivity, hot and sunny weather is the most dreaded combination and makes me hide in the house insulated comfortably by dark window coverings and air conditioning.

However, I do recognize that it's creepy not always healthy to hide from the sun all the time and so we ventured out on a hot, sunny May day to visit a place I've been meaning to get to since we moved back to the shore last July - The Herbary At Bear Creek Farm in Howell, NJ.

Have you ever heard of terrain - the Anthropologie-associated garden center/gift shop/all around amazing retail wonderama?  When we lived in Delaware we would frequently go to the terrain location in Glen Mills, PA since it was just a few miles from us. I haven't been back there since leaving Delaware and I've missed it, so you can imagine my delight at discovering that The Herbary has a very similar terrain vibe which is also my vibe: simple, natural, peaceful, hip.

The first thing we noticed when we drove into their parking lot is the openness. No cramming of mass amounts of plants that makes you feel overwhelmed...

The next thing we noticed were...chickens...

And a pond with lots of fish which you can't really see because this is a terrible picture...

There is a coffee shop/cafe (pictured) and lots of tables outside (not pictured) where you can sit and enjoy your treats while basking in the serenity of the place...

Then on to the indoor shop (I didn't take any inside pictures) where you can shop for all kinds of things like books and trinkets and garden-oriented things and jewelry and so very much more! I bought a pair of wonderful florist scissors for just $8...

And then while I was shopping, JP fell in love with a tree. 
He kept going back outside to look at it and I finally said "you want it, don't you?" 
and he said "yes, a lot" 
and I said "you know the mutant deer that have taken over our neighborhood are going to eat it, don't you?" 
and he said "dogwoods are deer resistant"
and I said "normal deer would resist it. the mutant variety we have will definitely eat it"
and he said "no they won't"
and i said "yes they will but it's clear that you love this tree so I think you should get it"
and then, this...

JP and his tree ♥

So we drove home with a tree, a pair of scissors, the knowledge that we'd found a very special place that we knew we'd return to often, and a couple of sweet memories.

Go there, you'll love it.

The Herbary at Bear Creek Farm
494 Lakewood Farmingdale Road
Howell Twp, NJ 07731

*Yes, You Can Get Seasonal Depression in the Summer

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