Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Cherry Time Of Year

Currently there are probably 1.5 pounds of perfect dark, firm, perfect cherries in an old metal colander in my fridge.
Every day for some days now, I go to the fridge and I grab a handful which I set out on the countertop to warm up awhile because I do not like cold fruit.
My intention is to eat that single handful at some point and then get on with my day.

Except I keep repeating the process - go to fridge, handful on countertop, return to kitchen a little bit later, consume - approximately twelve a few more times throughout the day.  

I cannot stop. 
I will not stop.

I am a cherry addict.

One time JP and I were driving around aimlessly one summer day in our old pickup truck and we stopped at a roadside stand and bought a whole lot of cherries...then we continued driving around on backroads, radio playing, eating cherries and spitting the pits out the window, making each other laugh and, more importantly, making a sweet memory that we still enjoy remembering together.
This would fall under the category "Simple Joys" and if you have not done this, I can't suggest strongly enough that you make haste and get to it. Just do it, trust me.

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